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Millennials Look to Desk Phones in the Office

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Just when you think you’ve figured out the Millennial generation, they go ahead and surprise you. While they turn to apps to listen to music, they also can be seen at vintage record stores, driving the new craze in vinyl. In fact, vinyl album sales in 2014 hit a record high for a second year in a row, up 52 percent.

Just like the vinyl trend, there is evidence that Millennials are fans of the desk phone. After Generation X and Boomer employees made the leap to smartphones and mobile devices, Millennials are pulling us back to company-issued standard desk phones.

Is this merely nostalgia, as many say about the vinyl trend? Perhaps somewhat, but Nemertes Research analyst Irwin Lazar suggests another reason. During a panel discussion at Interop Las Vegas this year, he said the Millennials he works with hate the idea of multiple smartphone apps that all deliver basically the same feature. They want one application to get the job done. And rather than letting employees fight the iPhone vs. Android, WhatsApp? vs. Skype battles, Millennials prefer a common platform in the desk phone.

That doesn’t mean they won’t stop using smart devices, including emerging new wearable technologies and the latest applications. But they clearly want to ground that with a desk phone that perhaps conveys some permanence and a solid connection to fellow co-workers.

Millennials are a very smart group and they know which communications device can simply bring everyone together. Perhaps the BYOD pendulum swung too far and now the Millennials are helping us find that common middle point. 

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