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ShoreTel in Professional Services Brochure

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“A primary reason that we selected ShoreTel was that all of the features are part of the system; no add-ons or third-party applications are required, and this simplifies system management and enhances overall reliability. New groups and new employees are productive straightaway, and can begin generating revenue faster, because they don’t have to wait for their phones to become available. And that’s great business.”
— Deanna Liberti, Vice President of Operations Better Business Bureau of Eastern Massachusetts
ShoreTel in professional services
  • Scalability: Managing growth across distributed offices? ShoreTel offers you a brilliantly simple way to connect multiple sites and consultants to present a unified front—including integration between locations and with legacy systems—so you can ensure continued growth without introducing complexity.
  • Availability and reliability: With enterprise-class 99.999 percent (five-nines) availability, and affordable disaster recovery, ShoreTel gives your distributed professional staff the reliability it needs to work from anywhere, even on the go.
  • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel simplifies communications for consultants and administrators, so they can increase productivity, leverage advanced functionality, and escape the hassle and cost of complicated technology training.


At its core, the professional services industry is about customer satisfaction. You are constantly tasked with meeting rising customer demands—for greater services, more substantial savings, and more meaningful benefits. At the same time, however, you need to be invested in your own business growth and competitive position. Tackling the two arenas simultaneously requires a stable and progressive technology platform, along with an advanced communications system that aggressively addresses your need for scalability, reliability, and management ease.

Linking your distributed offices and remote professionals presents a single large enterprise to your customers. It also means you have to enable both seamless growth and system integration of all systems and processes. Systems must be reliable because your clients will not tolerate downtime, regardless of the size of your organization. And finally, resources must be used wisely. Your IT staff must be available to focus on core business initiatives, and your consultants and staff have little time for ongoing training. The bottom line? Whether you provide architectural, engineering, design, marketing, legal or IT services, you need a high-performance and easy-to-use IP-based business communication system to compete successfully.

ShoreTel provides a brilliantly simple solution for professional services organizations. Our unified communications system provides the cost-efficiency, rich feature set, reliability, and simplicity that helps professionals serve and succeed:

  • Scalability: ShoreTel gives your organization a unified front—and integrated systems—by enabling full scalability across your IP phone system.
  • Availability and reliability: Take advantage of the round-the-clock communications reliability and performance levels you need to ensure real customer satisfaction.
  • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel centralizes system management and functionality for maximum ease of use.
ShoreTel customers: professional services
  • Advanced Resource Technologies, Inc. (ARTI)—Information Services
  • Balch & Bingham—Legal
  • BKF Engineers—Engineering
  • EDAW—Landscape Architecture/Community Planning
  • Hitachi Consulting—Technology
  • Lemery Greisler—Legal/Finance
  • MBAJ—Architectural


A professional approach at your fingertips

The ShoreTel IP phone system is based on a distributed architecture that ensures no single point of failure. Setup is intuitive and straightforward: Call control is distributed to intelligent gateways known as voice switches, and ShoreTel voice applications — including voicemail and automated attendant—run on standard server hardware from anywhere on your IP network.

The ShoreTel distributed architecture incorporates a switch-based hardware platform that makes each switch and site an independent call processor which continues to operate seamlessly in the event of wide area network (WAN) failure. Unlike other solutions, all servers can be disconnected from the ShoreTel switches and the ShoreTel phone system will continue to place and receive calls.


As you expand, whether by adding new sites or by increasing the number of employees, you and your technology platforms must accommodate the addition of communication lines, without the potential delays caused when diverse systems fail to integrate, or when clients can’t connect to their parties.

ShoreTel’s distributed architecture allows you to work with customers as a cohesive organization, so you can connect all of your consultants, regardless of how many regional, branch, and small offices you have. Here’s how we do it:

  • ShoreTel eases multisite growth by enabling consultants to use 4-digit dialing or dial-by-name right from the desktop to reach any colleague at any location. And there’s no need for clients, partners, or potential customers to dial different numbers for different locations to reach one of your professional staff members. Callers simply dial one number, and the automated attendant directs them to the right place.
  • ShoreTel makes legacy system integration a breeze by tying into your existing phone system for a staggered and more easy-to-manage rollout. ShoreTel also lets you integrate your own off-the-shelf and custom applications, helping pave the way for new services, including the ability for clients to make appointments and access account information directly.

Availability and reliability

When customer satisfaction and service are your primary business drivers, you must ensure consistent uptime and system performance, so you are always available to answer calls and address pressing issues.

Without the ability to ensure 24/7 communications availability, regardless of where consultants are located, you risk alienating customers, or—even worse—losing business.

ShoreTel eases the burden of reliability and puts your mind at rest. Here’s how:

  • ShoreTel offers distributed call control, so redundancy is delivered cost effectively through N+1 failover, which means that a single ShoreTel Voice Switch can provide backup to any number (N) of other switches. In the event of a power outage, phones automatically failover to another voice switch, providing your company with complete redundancy.
  • Further redundancy can be configured by simply adding additional voice switches. ShoreTel Voice Switches are highly reliable, with no moving parts (except for a fan), redundant Ethernet ports, and a real time operating system.
  • In addition, ShoreTel’s distributed architecture will automatically respond to and work around LAN, WAN or PSTN failures to deliver nonstop operation, providing you with the reliability you need to respond quickly and effectively to all your clients’ needs, even when faced with unexpected emergencies.

Ease of use and ease of management

When your job revolves around attention to customer needs, the last thing you need is to manage the internal hassles of a slow or difficult communications system. This is particularly true in the professional services industry, where so many employees have heavy travel obligations and work remotely.

The ShoreTel system makes it easy to be a mobile, functional employee—as well as to centrally administer a system that enables maximum customer service. This is how we help you:

  • Wireless integration allows mobility within the office, while ShoreTel Office Anywhere allows your traveling consultants to use any analog or cell phone as a primary extension, extending the power of the ShoreTel system to remote and field professionals without relying on the Internet for voice quality.
  • ShoreTel Communicator (formerly ShoreTel Call Manager) lets workers establish very flexible call handling rules, depending on where they are, who’s calling and what time they have available. These features are also extended to ShoreTel Communicator for Mobile for professionals on the go.
“When we saw the ShoreTel system and were given a demo, we couldn’t believe its functionality. There are too many reasons to list for why we chose ShoreTel, but the integration with Microsoft Outlook and the handset simplicity for non-technical users were key components. The functionality was great for both non-technical and very technical users, who have investigated every rich feature available on the system.”
— Robert May, Principal and Founding Member Lemery Greisler
  • Ease-of-use means IT staff spend much less time training end users and answering questions about the phone system.
  • ShoreTel centralizes voicemail and email for one-stop communications management. ShoreTel Director, our intuitive management interface, gives administrators access to the system from anywhere on the network through a Web browser.
  • Users have the ability to track phone calls, export and distribute original voicemail messages to one person or a group of people, and keep a running history of calls into each number—so they can better monitor and improve customer service.
  • Support for open standards means that ShoreTel easily integrates with specialized billing, accounting and cost recovery applications, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including
“The engineer had the ShoreTel system up and running in an hour. We had the Cisco guys in for weeks before we could get things going, and we still had a lot of dissatisfaction from our users.”
— Mark Norris, Director of IT Balch & Bingham
ShoreTel: known for professionalism
  • ShoreTel has a global presence with product support in multiple languages.
  • ShoreTel has been named best overall VoIP provider for 6 years running by Nemertes Research.
  • ShoreTel received “Strong Positive” rating in Gartner’s Unified Communications for the SMB Market Marketscope Report.


ShoreTel turns efficiency and productivity into organizational savings

As most professional services organizations know, a technology solution that offers costeffective capabilities, proven productivity and convenience is a solid connection to success. Here’s how ShoreTel helps your business boost employee performance and impact the bottom line:

  • ShoreTel empowers your employees with rich, modern communication features, so you can save money by increasing productivity. Callers can be assured of reaching the person they need no matter where they are, while receptionists and operators have access to online directories that help them quickly connect callers with the right person and also enhance their collaboration with key staff.
  • ShoreTel also helps you cut extraneous communication costs. We decrease long distance toll charges by sending voice calls over your existing data network, and we also enable you to share voice trunks between locations and reduce the number of phone lines you’re leasing.
  • ShoreTel Converged Conferencing helps you save on costly teleconferencing services with voice and Web conferencing right from Microsoft Outlook, so workers can collaborate more readily and meet client demands quickly.
  • Bringing management in-house saves time and money and allows you to be in charge of your own system—not at the mercy of a service provider for personnel moves, adds and changes (MACs).



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